Save our Services Protest

Save our Services Protest

letter against cuts – Save our services campaign

re protest gas works press release 25th Feb 2015 FD pdf

Photo of USWIP Young People handing over letter of protest to DSD

The young people led campaign ‘Save Our Services’ took to the streets today to protest against the Department for Social Developments proposed 40% ‘cuts’ to Upper Springfield Whiterock community & youth services.

Over 100 young people gathered at Department for Social Development’s HQ asking DSD Minister Mervyn Storey MLA to reverse proposed cuts to the area’s youth provision. The young people handed over a letter on behalf of the campaign group to highlight the need for services and as their community is already the most deprived cannot afford to lose essential services.

See attached press release and letter to Minister Mervyn Storey MLA for full details

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