Health & Well Being Thematic Team

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spaces-for-places-20130314-upper-springfield-development-trust-118798_719849858042927_2082808188_n Purpose

The purpose of the Theme Team   is to work together and to improve the health and well being locally,  to contribute to the delivery of the Partnership’s vision of “Building a vibrant, peaceful, prosperous, clean and safe place to live”. This work will be framed within an agreed strategic  framework, agreed outcomes and a commitment to collaborative working.

Key Tasks

  • To promote and support the issue of Health & Well Being within the area.
  • To ensure that work within the theme is co-coordinated and delivered in a collaborative manner.
  • To develop an agreed strategy and action plan to promote and  support the Theme Health & Well Being based upon an agreed template
  • To ensure the strategy and action plan is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and community development.
  • To ensure the strategy and action plan is driven by quantitative and qualitative targets set within an agreed framework specifically committed to agreed outcomes and collaborative working.
  • Ensure appropriate engagement and consultation relevant to the Theme
  • To report on progress on a monthly basis to Executive Group

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Membership is currently under review

For further details contact Kevin Bailey Healthy Living Centre Manager on 028 90236677 or email