Education & Training Thematic Team




The purpose of the Theme Team   is to progress the theme Education & Training to contribute to the delivery of the Partnership’s vision of “Building a vibrant, peaceful, prosperous, clean and safe place to live”. This work will be framed within an agreed strategic framework, agreed outcomes and                                                                 a commitment to collaborative working.

Key Tasks

  • To promote and support the issue of Education & Training within the area.
  • To ensure that work within the theme is co-coordinated and delivered in a collaborative manner.
  • To develop an agreed strategy and action plan to promote and support the Theme Education & Training based upon an agreed template;
  • To ensure the strategy and action plan is based on the principles of equality, inclusion and community development.
  • To ensure the strategy and action plan is driven by quantitative and qualitative targets set within an agreed framework specifically committed to agreed outcomes and collaborative working.
  • Ensure appropriate engagement and consultation relevant to the Theme
  • To report on progress on a monthly basis to Executive Group

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Bernie Lavery | Barnardos
Ciaran Cahill | Springhill Community House
Deirdre McVeigh | Upper Springfield /Whiterock Neighbourhood Renewal
Deirdre Walsh | Whiterock Children’s Centre
Donal McKinney | Upper Springfield Development Trust
Gerry McMahon | Full Service Community Network
Ihnitz Oliden | Whiterock Children’s Centre
Kay Shortt | St. Vincent de Paul
Marian O’Neill | Voices Women’s Group
Sinead O’Regan | Upper Springfield/Whiterock Job Assist Centre
Tish Hegarty | Department of Education & Learning

Gerry McMahon Full Service Community Network

Lousie Brennan West Belfast Partnership Board