Community Services Theme Team

brewerys-wake-house-exteriorMural A mag ghagh gaealicPurpose

The purpose of the Theme Team is to progress the theme of Community Services to contribute to the delivery of the Partnership’s vision of “Building a vibrant, peaceful, prosperous, clean and safe place to live”. This work will be framed within an agreed strategic framework, agreed outcomes and a commitment to collaborative working.

Key Tasks (draft)

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  • Alanagh Rea  Belfast City Council
  • Annette Conlon  Upper Springfield Whiterock Community Safety Forum
  • Al McComb  Whiterock Westrock Residents’ Association
  • Belinda Riddell  Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • Brian McLaughlin  Moyard Residents’ Association
  • Daniel Pettigrew  Ballymurphy Residents’ Association
  • Deborah Casement  Ulidia Housing
  • Declan Hughes  Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE)
  • Deirdre Mackel  Upper Springfield Development Trust Public Art
  • Deirdre McVeigh  Upper Springfield /Whiterock Neighbourhood Renewal
  • Donal McKinney  Upper Springfield Development Trust
  • Fionnuala Brannigan  Corpus Christi Services
  • Gerard McGivern  Dermott Hill Residents’ Association
  • Jacqui Gilmore  Fold Group
  • Jacqui  McGeough  Greater Turf Lodge Residents’ Association
  • Janice Austin  Sinn Féin Political Representative
  • Jim Donnelly  Federation of Residents’ Association
  • Seamus Corr   Federation of Residents’ Association
  • Stephen Magennis Black Mountain Shared Space
  • Jonathan Giles  Belfast Health & Social Care Trust (BHSCT)
  • Kate Laverty  Centre for Health & Well Being
  • Laura Moore  Trinity Housing Association
  • Lisa McNally  New Barnsley Housing Association
  • Liz Gracey  Action Ability Upper Springfield Development Trust
  • Maggie Colwell  Victim Support NI
  • Margaret Hyland  Sliabh Dubh Residents’ Association
  • Margaret Marley  Northern Ireland Housing Association
  • Melissa McGarvey  Clanmil Housing Association
  • Michelle Boyd  Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • Paddy Kelly  Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE)
  • Peter Connolly  Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • Samuel Wilson  Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • Linda Rocks  Belfast Regeneration Office (BRO)
  • Sean Taylor  Police Service Northern Ireland
  • Seoirse Caldwell  Belfast City Council
  • Steven Corr  Sinn Féin Political Representative
  • Tommy Holland  Upper Springfield Resource Centre

For further information about Community Services Thematic Team contact Fionnuala Brannigan, Chair Person on