The Upper Springfield Federation of Residents’ Associations (USFRA) is a formally constituted body operating under a written Constitution and Terms of Reference, ratified in March 2010.

 At present, USFRA comprises the following nine Residents’ Associations:Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 00.14.21

  • Ballymurphy Residents’ Association
  • Dermott Hill Residents’ Association
  • New Barnsley Residents’ Association
  • Moyard Residents’ Association
  • Sliabh Dubh Residents’ Association
  • Springfield Park Residents’ Association
  • Springhill Residents’ Association
  • Turf Lodge Residents’ Association
  • Westrock/Whiterock Residents’ Association


 USFRA’s Vision :-

The USFRA will be organized as a collective, strategic voice for all residents from the area, providing community development

approaches to local issues and advocating for long-term social, economic, environmental and cultural change’


 USFRA’s Purpose is

‘To empower residents from the Upper Springfield so that they are given equal access to the rights and services that they

are entitled to as citizens, by ensuring that those Bodies responsible for the safety, environment, health and wellbeing of local people

are accountable and responsive to community needs’.

 USFRA’s Strategic Analysis

USFRA is concerned about the extent of the inequalities which exist within the North of Ireland and how these impact

specifically in the Upper Springfield area.



For more information about the FRA download a copy of the Upper Springfield Federation of Residents Associations Strategy Document