The Upper Springfield Whiterock Integrated Partnership


Over the past number of  years community groups and statutory agencies in the Upper Springfield Whiterock area have been working hard to develop a new integrated partnership for the area. This partnership was officially launched in February 2013.

The partnership helps to ensure we work better together so that the area benefits. Strong relationships between communities and public bodies result in better decision making and offer better solutions to local challenges. With the proper support, local people can collectively build communities based on mutual respect and social justice. Strong confident communities work together to identify and solve problems.   We believe this new partnership will strengthen local voices, improve people’s lives and create better places to live. Download  Membership of Partnership Executive Group

We have Four Integrated Theme Teams

Integrated working is very simply working together guided by a shared vision that helps to bring about lasting change for our community. The new partnership has five thematic groups which are:  Empowering Words

  • Children Young People & Families
  • Education & Training
  • Health & Well Being
  • Community Services

The Focus is children 

The partnership’s overarching theme is – children young people  and families.  Strong and stable families are the foundation of a strong and stable society and are key to ensuring children develop into healthy, happy and successful adults.

Success will be seen by improvements in children’s lives through  services which: support children, young people and families; help families overcome the disadvantages they face; and enable children and young people to achieve the same outcomes as their more advantaged peers. To get it right for children and young people this means being safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. For services this means a unified approach by all of us who live and work in this community.

For further information about the partnership download: USWIP Information Leaflet

Our Partners  are:-