Whiterock Children’s Centre

Whiterock Children’s Centre is a non-profit taking, community based organisation offering a diverse range of quality services to children and their families. The centre was established in 1988 when it provided childcare within BIFHE.

It has since grown and expanded to include :

  • Childcare places
  • NVQ training and assessment centre;
  • Family Learning Centre.

Through our programmes and health related services the family learning aims to support local families in particular those most disadvantaged. It is our aim to involve parents in their children’s development and learning whilst providing opportunities for parents to access support, education or training themselves.

The specific services offered within the family learning centre are all linked together and are complementary to each other. With our links to our Shared Vision project and the Sure Start programme we are reach children and parents from birth to adulthood. This is unique in the fact that we can support the whole family.  The family learning centre offers a number of services to this community.   This includes ;

  • A support, health and education project for young mothers;
  • A project offering support to black and minority ethnic families, and enabling the wider community to be more open and welcoming to a more diverse society family learning activities for parents and children;
  • A family learning worker based in two local nursery schools to engage parents at an early stage of their children’s development and education;
  • These are all to enable the parents to become more confident and to be more involved in their children’s development.

Contact:Deirdre Walsh, Manager,Whiterock Children’s Centre,  9 Whiterock Road, Belfast, BT12 7PG.

Phone: 028 9043 8438 or  Email: whiterockcreche@hotmail.co.uk