Upper Springfield Resource Centre

The Resource Centre based in the Upper Springfield Whiterock Wards which is deemed 1 in multiple deprivation in which we provide advice, information and support on a day to day basis to both groups and residents throughout the area providing C.A.B., N.I. Housing Executive and community safety advice clinics at the Centre. The Resource represents local concerns on groups/bodies discussing and lobbying on many issues from Arterial Routes, Neighbourhood Renewal, housing and the environment, community safety, victims of the troubles and Interface concerns. Involved in lobbying on car crime and suicide awareness issues and setting up support groups.  Identifying and representing local concerns through building networks and partnerships.

We are involved with the Belfast City Council Parks Department, Arterial Routes, N.I. Housing Executive, Groundwork N.I. in carrying out surveys on local needs and concerns and providing and consulting with the community on new designs for parks, alley gating, redesign of derelict land, consulting with the community on building of social homes. The Resource Centre is involved in several Partnerships that can be deemed as active in other Ward areas. Community Housing Network – District 3, Families Bereaved Through Car Crime, Families Bereaved Through Suicide, Community Safety Partnership, Interaction Belfast.

Contact:  Tommy Holland, Manager, Upper Springfield Resource Centre,  Frank Cahill Resource Centre

195 Whiterock Road, Belfast BT12 7FW

 Phone: 028 9058 5755

Email: tommyholland07@msn.com