Matt Talbot Youth Centre

Matt Talbot Youth Centre is a purpose built Youth Centre in operation from 1983 that services the local community of Moyard, Springfield Park, New Barnsley, Sliabh Dubh and the Dermot Hill area. The centre provides a range of educational and social opportunities for young people age 4-25 with our primary focus with young people in the age range of 7-18.

We work in partnership with our colleagues in the voluntary sector and with other external agencies to offer a range of services that meet the needs of local young people in the area.   All the programmes offered are governed by the DENI Model for effective.  Practice and is subject to quality assurance by local education officers and ETI Inspectorate.

Contact:  Carrie Kane, Matt Talbot Youth ClubMoyard Parade, Belfast, BT12 7HG telephone 028 9023 0242