Holy Trinity Youth Centre

Holy Trinity Youth Centre is the voluntary, full-time centre-based youth services provider for the extensive Turf Lodge area of West Belfast and falls within an electoral ward deemed as one of the most deprived in the North of Ireland and suffering from multiple levels of social and economic deprivation.  The Youth Centre works with approximately 500 young people from ages 8 – 20 years and is open to all young people regardless of background, gender, culture or creed.

Holy Trinity Youth Centre aims to promote the personal, social, emotional, spiritual, political, physical, psychological and cultural development of its members through participation in a range of programmes, projects, events and activities aimed at increasing resilience levels of young people, increasing employability, challenging values and beliefs and encouraging young people to play a full and active role as positive citizens within their community and beyond.

We do this through active engagement of children and young people in a range of programmes, projects, activities and events aimed at promoting our aims and objectives and working within the curriculum for the N.I. Youth Service devised by the Department of Education and all of our work is quality assured, monitored and inspected by the Education and Training Inspectorate N.I.

Contact: Keith McCaugherty, Holy Trinity Youth Centre,  2 Norglen Gardens, Belfast, BT11 8EL

telephone :028 9061 7602,  Email: keifermac1@yahoo.co.uk