Active Communities Network Ltd

About Us

Active Communities Network is a registered charity, utilising sports, cultural and educational activities to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and offer pathways to achievement for participants within local communities.

Active Communities Network supports young people and communities across the UK and overseas.

Using the mediums of sport, physical activity, arts and cultural activity our programmes deliver grass roots activities and promote personal, social and community development.

Active Communities Network promotes vocational training, education, citizenship and work experience as part of a wider education, training and employment network across our own and partner projects.

This includes working with wider agencies to develop new training qualifications, curriculum development and volunteering and work placement programmes that directly support and develop both project participants and the workforce that works with them.

In addition to our own directly delivered projects and programmes, Active Communities Network seeks to develop strategic and delivery partnerships with organisations working both in the UK and overseas to promote the wider network and sport for social change agenda.

Active Communities Network has a commitment to research and evaluation, sharing best practice and working with strategic, funding and like minded delivery agencies to shape the wider field of sport, arts and community development.

Contact: Jim Donnelly, Programme Manager, Active Communities Network, c/o Newhill Youth & Community Centre

261 Whiterock Road Belfast, BT12 7FX  or email Jim Donnelly